The First Suit

The Mark One Iron Man Suit

Broken and Rebuilt Many Times

Greyson Stark

The First Iron Man suit personified.
Broken and put on display. Unneeded.
Broken so far that he has a second personality that is not so nice. He is named Dante.
(Indie Blog for the personified version of the first Iron Man suit.
Muse and Mod are of age.)

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"You and Loki deserve each other."  Grey grabbed some of his stuff and went to leave.

(Source: starksfavoritesuit)

richardparkersson started following you

"Whaddya want?"


"I did wonder where I put you. Looks like you found your way home without me looking too hard for you."

Grey just stared at the man he knew to be his father.  ”Yeah well the Taliban or whoever was holdin’ me didn’t suit me well.”


"Don’t say that" she sighed moving to stroke some of Grey’s hair away from her face, giving her a small smile "You’ll find someone, I promise"

"Unless you want me fucking my brothers, you and the suits are my friends and that is about it."


"It can’t be that bad" Toni chuckled, wandering over to the fridge to grab a drink out of it.

"Yes because the only people who want to fuck a humanized suit are fanboys and or girls.  And it’s weird.  I take a step outside, paparazzi.  I mean, not much life t’be had outside."  She shoveled cereal in her mouth.


She laughed loudly and climbed off the bed, following Grey down to the room and leaning up into the doorway “Is it so bad that I’m taking an interest in your life?”

Grey piled cereal into a small mixing bowl and began to eat grumpily.  ”Wha’s stupid is y’think I have one.”


Toni shrugged and then grinned at the look Grey gave her “Nothing really. I just didn’t want you wasting the day away in bed” she paused and smirked “Unless you had someone in here with you, then that’s okay”

Was her only answer as she stalked into the kitchen.


'Sir, you have a head wound but no signs of anything else wrong. Well, apart from the obvious'


"Rude, I’m up"

"Alright.  Whatever I got hit with went faster than a bullet ‘cos I’m pretty sure you built my skin bulletproof.  So we gotta be careful next time."

They wouldn’t be.


"Who needs a baby when I have you" Toni laughed, nudging her again just for affect "Come on"

"I’m not even ten, it totally counts."  Grey sat up with a put upon sigh.  "I’m up, whaddya want?"